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The Premier Choice for LASIK Surgery

Khanna Vision Institute offers the most cutting-edge LASIK technology for life-changing vision correction.

Streamlined & Precise LASIK Procedures

Custom LASIK solutions, world-class technology, and visionary expertise, all in a modern, patient-focused environment.

Loaded with Advanced LASIK Technologies & Patient Comforts

Customized LASIK procedures, state-of-the-art technology, and a focus on patient comfort, all wrapped in a cutting-edge, boutique ambiance.

LASIK for Professionals

Tailored LASIK, modern tech & patient-first focus, in a cutting-edge atmosphere.

20/20 Vision

Ultra-precise LASIK surgery perfect for professionals

5 Sec

Minimal recovery for convenience and quick return to normalcy.

20 Minutes

20 minutes for a life-changing LASIK procedure.

Revolutionary LASIK Outcomes

Customized LASIK solutions, modern tech, and personalized care at Khanna Vision. Blade-free procedures, advanced diagnostics, and a patient-first focus. Quick, effective, and life-changing vision correction by Dr. Rajesh Khanna MD. Keratoconus Specialist Near Me | Optometrist Inglewood

LASIK Benefits

What’s Included in Your Basic LASIK Package

Eye-Tracking Tech

Upgrade your vision journey with our comprehensive services: diagnostics, personalized care, post-op check-ups, and much more.

Eye Mapping

Enhance your vision drastically with LASIK options engineered for remarkable comfort and long-lasting results.

Pain Reduction

Advanced Tech offering the true precision of LASIK with state-of-the-art equipment and protocols that ensure a smooth process.

Diverse Treatment Plans

Enhance your vision with innovative LASIK techniques, specifically developed for seamless integration into your lifestyle.

20-Min Procedure

Easy yet potent system to guide you through the entire LASIK process from start to recovery.

FDA-Approved Tech

For any patient seeking vision correction, Khanna Vision Institute simplifies the process for a quick, tailored experience.

Calibrated for Vision Accuracy and Comfort

Bladeless LASIK, cutting-edge tech & patient-focused care in a modern, relaxing environment.


Patients Trust LASIK

Efficient LASIK, precise diagnostics, and tailored aftercare make Khanna Vision the choice for 21st-century eye care. Dr. Rajesh Khanna MD leads the way.

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Innovative Procedures

Customized LASIK, state-of-the-art technology, and a focus on patient well-being. Experience modern vision care.


Bladeless LASIK, advanced tech & patient-focused care in a modern, stress-free ambiance.